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A TERRIBLE LOYALTY--BOOK 5: A World War II Submarine Novel

Join the crew of the U.S.S. Sea Otter for a war patrol in the most dangerous area in the Pacific, the Sea of Japan!  The last time the Otter had been there, the Japanese had set an ingenious trap for her, and, despite all the skill, courage, and luck of her captain and crew, she had nearly been sent to crush depth, but the badly battered submarine managed to limp back to Pearl Harbor after sinking seven tankers and a freighter.  This time her skipper is Oliver Wirtz, who took command when Dade Bowie was made a squadron commander, in charge of not only the Sea Otter, but eleven other fleet submarines.  Both COMSUBPAC and Bowie believe that this mission will be even more dangerous, a virtual suicide mission, but CINCPAC has ordered it be undertaken.  Dade helps to prepare Oliver for the mission as he settles into his new job, which presents new problems.  Lieutenant Ricola, a highly competent young officer who wants to return to sea duty as a diving officer, attempts to persuade Dade to approve a job swap between himself and Tom Detrick.  Doing so would probably save Detrick's life by keeping him from the Sea of Japan mission, but there are other factors Dade must consider, not the least of which is his own integrity.  Oliver Wirtz is another problem.  His time spent fighting with the guerrillas in the Philippines has changed him, and Dade must decide whether this change has rendered him unfit for command.

A TERRIBLE LOYALTY--BOOK 5:  A World War II Submarine Novel

A TERRIBLE LOYALTY--BOOK 4: A World War II Submarine Novel

U.S. submarines operating out of Australia have been making covert deliveries of critically needed weapons, ammunition, radios, and medical supplies to American and Filipino guerrillas in the Philippines.  Suddenly, one of the subs is ambushed and sunk just as it was nearing the rendezvous.  The same happens to the next submarine.  Clearly, the Japanese now have an intelligence source that tips them off to the times, dates, and places for the rendezvous, and no third submarine can be sent until the mystery is solved.  The U.S. naval officers in Australia believe that the spy is someone among the guerrillas, while the charismatic American leader of 16,000 guerrillas strongly suspects the spy is in Australia.  Both sides turn to Pearl Harbor for assistance and Oliver Wirtz, the Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Sea Otter, is sent to meet the guerrilla leader and assist him in uncovering the spy. Once the problem is resolved, the Sea Otter will make the next supply run.  Meanwhile, back at Pearl Harbor, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the FBI discover that the Japanese plan to abduct, torture for information, and kill a key naval officer, but are unable to determine the target.  CINCPAC believes himself to be the planned victim, and his staff agrees, but steps are taken to protect all admirals on Oahu as a precaution.  However, Rachael Bowie and Tracy Fillmore have good reason to suspect that Alice Detrick, head of the Navy's top secret codebreaking operation, is the target.

A TERRIBLE LOYALTY: A World War II Submarine Novel

This book covers the backgrounds of the major characters leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor and in the first desperate months immediately afterward. With the Pacific Fleet largely destroyed, the only way the U.S. Navy could strike back at the Japanese Navy was by using its submarines.

A TERRIBLE LOYALTY -- BOOK 2: A World War II Submarine Novel

The USS Sea Otter is sent on a dangerous mission to extract a Japanese physicist from Japan itself. The scientist heads the Japanese project to produce the atom bomb. Meanwhile, Navy Intelligence struggles with a dilemma. Is “Operation Blue Samurai” an authentic Japanese plan to invade Australia or a ruse?

A TERRIBLE LOYALTY -- BOOK 3: A World War II Submarine Novel

This third book in the series runs the gamut from exciting submarine action in the Sea of Japan and the Central Pacific to the Office of Naval Intelligence’s desperate fight in a basement at Pearl Harbor Naval Base to defeat the newest Japanese crypto machine.

FIFTH GOSPEL: The Odyssey of a Time Traveler in First Century Palestine

Many a pulse-pounding story of high adventure has begun with a young military officer volunteering for a dangerous top secret mission, but no mission was ever like this. It was the most carefully guarded secret since the Manhattan Project. It was incredible, impossible, and inconceivable. It was time travel. From the opening scene, when O'Brien lands his jet fighter at a desert Air Force base in Nevada to find a mysterious stranger in black waiting for him, to the very last page, Fifth Gospel is compelling. O'Brien's trip is a modern day quest for the Holy Grail, only a thousand times more exciting because he is not searching for an artifact, but is being sent to make contact with one of the most important figures in all human history to speak with a man who was crucified two millennia ago. Join him as he journeys through time and space to meet Jesus of Nazareth face to face.


During the years 1966-1969, the North Koreans fought the little known Second Korean Conflict, designed to see if the United States would continue to keep its troops in Korea despite it's continued buildup of forces in Vietnam.  It began on November 2, 1966 with North Korean troops ambushing an American patrol, killing six of the men.  They continued to target both U.S. and ROK troops with additional ambushes. On April 12, ROK troops employed artillery to repulse a full company of North Koreans.  On May 22, the NKA planted a bomb against a U.S. Army barracks, destroying it.  The first month in 1968, saw a platoon of elite NKA troops infiltrate the DMZ and proceed to Seoul to assassinate the South Korean president.  They got to within 800 meters of the president's residence when a suspicious South Korean police officer began to question them and a gun battle ensued.  The same month, North Korean captured the U.S.S. Pueblo in international waters and brought it to the North Korean port of Wonsan.  The North Koreans did not release the American crew until December, and they still have the Pueblo, which they've turned into a kind of museum depicting American "aggression."  In April of 1969, North Korean MIGS shot down a U.S. Navy aircraft over the Sea of Japan, killing all 31 aboard.  This novel is set during those years, its characters members of a small intelligence platoon on the DMZ.