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2024 Officially Named Carol Roskey Appreciation Year

The year 2024 is Carol Roskey Appreciation Year.  As I mentioned on the latest change to my homepage, the acknowledgements sections in many books often list other authors' researchers, consultants, agents, editors, publicists, proofreaders, beta readers, and numerous others.  I've seen some acknowledgements even going to two and a half pages.  For more than twenty years, my acknowledgement has consisted of merely two words at the beginning of each book:  To Carol.  It occurs to me that these two words are not nearly enough to thank a person who has believed in me, loved me, and made me want to write, even when I'm very tired, sometimes when I don't even believe in myself.  I have no researchers, consultants, agents, publicists, or anyone else besides my wife, but she is indispensable.  Without her, I can't write.