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FIFTH GOSPEL: The Odyssey of a Time Traveler in First Century Palestine

Many a pulse-pounding story of high adventure has begun with a young military officer volunteering for a dangerous top secret mission, but no mission was ever like this. It was the most carefully guarded secret since the Manhattan Project. It was incredible, impossible, and inconceivable. It was time travel. From the opening scene, when O'Brien lands his jet fighter at a desert Air Force base in Nevada to find a mysterious stranger in black waiting for him, to the very last page, Fifth Gospel is compelling. O'Brien's trip is a modern day quest for the Holy Grail, only a thousand times more exciting because he is not searching for an artifact, but is being sent to make contact with one of the most important figures in all human history to speak with a man who was crucified two millennia ago. Join him as he journeys through time and space to meet Jesus of Nazareth face to face.