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A TERRIBLE LOYALTY--BOOK 5: A World War II Submarine Novel

Join the crew of the U.S.S. Sea Otter for a war patrol in the most dangerous area in the Pacific, the Sea of Japan!  The last time the Otter had been there, the Japanese had set an ingenious trap for her, and, despite all the skill, courage, and luck of her captain and crew, she had nearly been sent to crush depth, but the badly battered submarine managed to limp back to Pearl Harbor after sinking seven tankers and a freighter.  This time her skipper is Oliver Wirtz, who took command when Dade Bowie was made a squadron commander, in charge of not only the Sea Otter, but eleven other fleet submarines.  Both COMSUBPAC and Bowie believe that this mission will be even more dangerous, a virtual suicide mission, but CINCPAC has ordered it be undertaken.  Dade helps to prepare Oliver for the mission as he settles into his new job, which presents new problems.  Lieutenant Ricola, a highly competent young officer who wants to return to sea duty as a diving officer, attempts to persuade Dade to approve a job swap between himself and Tom Detrick.  Doing so would probably save Detrick's life by keeping him from the Sea of Japan mission, but there are other factors Dade must consider, not the least of which is his own integrity.  Oliver Wirtz is another problem.  His time spent fighting with the guerrillas in the Philippines has changed him, and Dade must decide whether this change has rendered him unfit for command.