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A TERRIBLE LOYALTY--BOOK 4: A World War II Submarine Novel

U.S. submarines operating out of Australia have been making covert deliveries of critically needed weapons, ammunition, radios, and medical supplies to American and Filipino guerrillas in the Philippines.  Suddenly, one of the subs is ambushed and sunk just as it was nearing the rendezvous.  The same happens to the next submarine.  Clearly, the Japanese now have an intelligence source that tips them off to the times, dates, and places for the rendezvous, and no third submarine can be sent until the mystery is solved.  The U.S. naval officers in Australia believe that the spy is someone among the guerrillas, while the charismatic American leader of 16,000 guerrillas strongly suspects the spy is in Australia.  Both sides turn to Pearl Harbor for assistance and Oliver Wirtz, the Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Sea Otter, is sent to meet the guerrilla leader and assist him in uncovering the spy. Once the problem is resolved, the Sea Otter will make the next supply run.  Meanwhile, back at Pearl Harbor, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the FBI discover that the Japanese plan to abduct, torture for information, and kill a key naval officer, but are unable to determine the target.  CINCPAC believes himself to be the planned victim, and his staff agrees, but steps are taken to protect all admirals on Oahu as a precaution.  However, Rachael Bowie and Tracy Fillmore have good reason to suspect that Alice Detrick, head of the Navy's top secret codebreaking operation, is the target.